A journey through the Chakras: an introductory workshop.

A journey through the Chakras: an introductory workshop.

Join me for this interactive 2.5-hour workshop as we take a journey through the 7 main chakras of the human body.

Chakras are the energetic centers that connect our physical bodies to the energetic world around us. When functioning properly these vortexes spin, creating an energy exchange that keeps our body healthy. When they are not functioning properly disharmony and illness can occur.

You will observe a demonstration of a Chakra Balance and get the opportunity to get your own chakras tested.

In this workshop we will cover:
What are chakras?
Key aspects of each chakra.

You will learn:
How to spot if your chakras are functioning optimally.
What can be done if your chakras aren’t functioning properly.
How to keep your chakras functioning healthily.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants to ensure individual attention.

This workshop is suitable for anyone wanting an introduction to the chakra system or energetic healing. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. All you need is an open mind.

About Kallika Bruce
Kallika has been a massage therapist and energetic medicine practitioner for over 25 years. Her journey has seen her visit foreign lands to study and live among yogis, monks and nuns. She has explored Traditional and Indigenous teachings from many cultures, and worked with mystics in physical form and some long passed from physical form.

Tickets £15.

May 30 @ 18:30
18:30 — 21:00 (2h 30′)

Orton Waterville Village Hall

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