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Psychic Protection



Protecting from negative energies and influences

+ maintain your sense of safety and inner security
+ interact and socialise with others without absorbing negativity
+ set clear boundaries, stay positive and strong

verysensitive to outside negative influences
feelingvulnerable and defenceless against others’ negative thought forms
overwhelm or anxiety from fear of emotional attack

Feel calm and centred by creating a safe space within you and around you. Psychic Protection can help in detaching from negative thought forms or energies when you feel vulnerable, or in overwhelming situations or environments.

Psychic Protection is made by combining flower essences of Ancient Yew, Daisy, Iona Pennywort, Rose Alba, Thistle, Watercress and Wintergreen.

Also available
* Psychic Protection Spray Mist
* Psychic Protection Flower Essence 30ml dropper bottle

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Weight 25 kg
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